segunda-feira, 30 de novembro de 2009

Saturday Lisbon day

Saturday was the marathon day. I thought that if I did that, some kind of secret mechanism will be triggered and I will be able to magically push a button that would instantly take my mind and soul to Lisbon whenever I wished to. I don’t push any button now, but I somehow walk silently in the streets of Bucharest and all of a sudden I am in Lisbon, in Principe Real, taking tango lessons next to Santa Apolónia train station or smelling and tasting the beautiful Pasteis de Belém sprkinkled with cinnamon-my heart knows where she is :-)
....I woke up and went to Alfama, not before having a coffee with a friend of mine in Praça das Flores(one of my favorite Lisbon places) and saying goodbye to São Bento.....

Alfama as charming as it can get

It was the end of October and I was still getting tanned, even burned from the crazy, Lisbon Sun, that I adore. I walked in Alfama like a tourist, taking pictures, I did all the things that a tourist would do, I even ate sardines-to be honest, I think the most delicious ones, of course I made friends with the waiter, who invited me to a free Fado concert.

I took a walk to Terreiro do Paço watching the seagulls, enjoying the Sun reflections in the water...and all of a sudden.....surprise.... I could hear men screming and see men swimming in the dirty water of the river.....I got closer and closer and there they were....four guys completely naked and completely drunk screaming and enjoying themselves. Of course I have pictures from all the possible angles but I will not post them here for reasons of decency – but for those who do not believe me, I have the proof :-) only I can get to walk in a city and see naked women in Rambla Santa Mónica in Barcelona or naked men in Lisbon one day before leaving....

And then I took the train to Cascais for a single reason that I did not want to miss...u know why?

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