domingo, 27 de setembro de 2009

Day Four

Sometimes I just like walking in the street with nothing else in my pocket but my cell phone and my keys. Saturday I went to see the lovely shops on Rua de São Bento like this -all these antiquities shops, all these old windowpanes and nice people greeting you and welcoming you inside. This year the "noites de São Bento" was far from being spectacular-I guess the financial crisis reached this street also. I received though two lovely roses-a white and a yellow one and walked around trying to spot the opened shops from looking at the blue carpets laid in front of the entrance. I know this was the last night of the event but I didn't expect not to find any kind of food :-) - no sweets, no sandwiches, no presents....nothing....but a nice feeling though, a peaceful music and happy faces. Monica happy too. No pictures though.....

Today, though, I went to see my dear Estrela-you know that when I am away I miss her, like I miss Graça and many, many other places. I use to call her in Romanian "little star" which sounds very sweet in my mind....and so I went today to take another look at her and say hello. I like escaping from my world of worries and this always works with me-I get out and feel soooo free that I keep wondering how am I able to squeeze into a system, any system. I have no idea where this craving for freedom comes from, if it is good or bad, normal or absurd but I like that every time I am in the middle of the nature I feel free and able to do anything. I took my books to read and gazed at the trees around the garden, the flowers, the birds. Of course I couldn't help myself not to get on my knees again and take some pictures of these lovely flowers. I've heard that they are poisonous, but so beautiful. This was a white day.

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