sábado, 26 de setembro de 2009

Day Three

It was a Tuesday (or Monday??) - the day I went to see Valentina (my dentist)-who is a sweet heart and a great dentist-so if you need a good one in Lisbon, just let me know :-)) After saying good-bye to her and hoping to meet again soon, I decided to go to Barreiro-Barreiro is a small town on the other side of the Tejo river. I wanted to make this trip for a long time-it is cheap also but I kept postponing doing it. I love crossing Tejo, it brings back nice memories into my mind, it makes me feel free and careless and I love admiring Lisbon from afar. This time it was sunset, pretty crowded ferry. I went there and then got back with the same ferry. This is when I discovered I was almost alone in the boat, I climbed up the stairs and went to the top floor, took my red shoes off, opened the window, climbed up the chair and got my arms and head outside the window. You can't imagine how it is like to look at the beautiful sunset and feel the fresh air on your face. Pure bliss again.

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