segunda-feira, 28 de setembro de 2009

Day W

During the day I am going through my "Portuguese language" phase-this means that I try to capture as many words as I can from people's conversations in the street and then I get all excited that I understood everything-but well, usually what I hear are tiny fragments of sentences, like "estás a brincar" , or "eu lá fui" ... :-))

During the evening I get all nostalgic and start longing for Lisbon and the Portuguese amazing beaches. Then is where I take my dear Lolita and head together to Praia da Torre in Oeiras-there is a "right side" beach and a "left side" beach-now I like the "left side" one....and I go there and walk bare foot in the fine and silky sand and remember Sting's song that goes like this "sister moooon...." and I promise to come back and take pictures during the night ....

Good night!

PS: I don't like counting the days anymore so I will name them as they come up into my head.

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