domingo, 20 de setembro de 2009

Day one

I had to find my way to say good-bye to Lisbon-because I didn't really know how this should be done-should I take a picture of each corner and every little stone? Should I walk around saying thank you? Should I just let the pure air and lovely colors invade and embrace my sight and body? So, I started a ritual. My good-bye ritual in which to be honest I don't really believe because I know that I will be back here somehow and my mind and soul refuse to think that the love-hate relationship I have developed with this place can just vanish into the Universe. I know that Lisbon managed to squeeze herself deep into my soul, to charm me slowly and stay there for good.

Today was the day I went to Alfama and Graça, I tried to pretend that I was a tourist even though I don't feel like one anymore. I jumped into tram 28 and managed to get a window seat and then started to listen silently to the explanations of a young Portuguese girl who was the guide of a foreigner. She was talking in English and I was wondering-hey, but I could do that easily as I know sooo much about this place. I walked around, found out from a Romanian painter (street artist) that the painters in Rua Augusta have disappeared because the mayor decided so-I was very upset to find that out :-(( and then I went to Sé (the Cathedral). Sé has an amazing "religious piece" made out of gold -17kg-and adorned with more than 4000 precious stones-amazing-they say that it is the most valuable in the whole world......

as you can see, every little corner appeared to my eyes and soul as totally new, filled with beauty and soooo many colors. I love you Lisbon.

in the evening, some very special friends of mine wanted to surprise me and threw a lovely, tiny, cute party in Cascais, where I enjoyed myself so much :-)) thank you! Lola, Doris, Dan, Philippe and .... Vladimir oh and cute Tam-Tam-the Sagittarius who wanted my attention and I was so mean that almost ignored him. Tam-Tam, you are cute and lovely. Please forgive me. Kiss kiss. My journey continues. Hey, and I'll be back :-)

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