sábado, 10 de outubro de 2009

My day

I cannot find the reason yet why Lisbon has decided to send me away. I love her, she loves me :-) ....but still she decided that we have to be apart for a while. I believe this is only to test my reaction when it comes to saying good-byes, departures, breaking-up etc etc-I am an "expert" with this, but I still haven't learned to handle all these strong emotions and I think I will never will. I have decided that Lisbon suits me, that I want to live next to the sea (the OCEAN, not a sea-I learned only here that sea=lake and yes, it is true!!), to have a big house with a wall made out of glass, to listen to the waves in the morning and ignore all the useless things in life.

Do you have any idea what the smell of the Eucalyptus tree bark smells like? divine....

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