terça-feira, 6 de outubro de 2009

Love Day

Even though these days the Sun is not out, the rain is here and the lovely colors of Lisbon are somehow not as vivid as I know them, my heart is absolutely filled with light and love. Yes. I have to confess that I feel like the good fairy these days. I talk to people (secretly, in my mind) who interact with me and whenever I see them smile I send them my love. You would think that I am crazy, but I am not :-)) - of course, who could ever confess that. My "target" now are the people working at Pingo Doce-my lovely supermarket just at the corner of the street, the lovely people with kind and smily faces. I know them all by know-I know who is in charge with what, how fast or slow they are, smart or less smart, who looks in my eyes whenever they had to give me the change...and so on. I thank them all and they don't know that, but I will miss them all. I am sorry I cannot take pictures of their lovely, friendly faces and post them here-I will miss the guy who sells bread and who smiles at me so kindly (he likes me, I like him too :-)), I will miss the cashier who asks me every time "precisa do saco?", the fat, African lady who sings and sells fish, the toothless old lady who I guess must be some kind of supervisor of all the cashiers and so on. So I send them all my love, wish them luck and want to see them again soon. Love.

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  1. if I don't new you i wish to no with that words
    but i no you mor or less and I know it´s all true :)