domingo, 11 de outubro de 2009

The Matrix Day

My matrix day-wondering how powerful our thoughts can be, how perfect and yes, correct, life is, how everything flows according to us. If we could only understand and never forget that we guide life with our thoughts, that dreams can turn into reality very easily, that we all contribute to the "whole". Yes, I believe in this and I believe that our weaknesses (doubts, second thoughts, lack of consistency, imbalance) produce cracks in our own "system" and we end up in different points depending on that. I have been thinking about this lately-how I attracted certain things and people in my life, how I made these things and people go away-unconsciously I think I wanted that to happen, or because of my fears and doubts I opened huge cracks that unbalanced everything. This is why I like certain people and avoid others. I don't need negativity, I don't need second thoughts , I don't need doubts and uncertainty. Lisbon and Portugal have offered me the luxury of being able to dream, to ignore these people and situations, to let myself flow over this amazing country, to dream afar and project good things into the Universe. And for this I love this place. I do not know if it has to do with me, with my way of being also, but sure it does with this amazingly peaceful country. It is like you walk on peaceful land, where everything is in harmony, where the negativity is taken away by the strong wind and where the Sun shines happily. I love Portugal for this and I love Portuguese for being able to assimilate all these good energies-I know I don't like certain things in them, but I think that they posses this ability-to listen to nature, to their feelings and to be grateful for the little things that they get in life. Everything is so fragile and subtle and they know how to handle this. And all this harmony creates harmony, and all this lack of thinking creates that state of bliss where all the worries are gone.

3 comentários:

  1. i roll back to take an eye...
    have right moni, i KNOW WELL what u talk about!
    sometimes i prefer too to take that red pills to say bye bye to this system , any way 4 me is late ... none even god can help me ...
    u know why?
    be cuzz all the illusions make a parth of my deam transformation and is needed to fell live right on my skin again and again the same s**** just for my daily remember and for feel like you all that you say above!

  2. be grateful for the little things that they get in life
    isto é o cerne da felicidade nesta vida, eu creio nisso profundamente

  3. well, I am grateful for that of course. Every little thing :-)) kiss kiss